‘A Date With Asmau’: Scholars to Dissect The place of Islam in Today’s Entertainment


Islamic tenets and the new generation entertainment cravings will be the point of deliberation, as Islamic scholars gather for a round table discussion 11th of October 2020, at the Ostra Halls and Hotel, Ikeja.

The Roundtable series is put together by renowned Nigerian actress and producer, Kabirah Kafidipe, popularly known for her role in the movie Saworoide as Araperegangan, as a prelude to the premiere of her latest movie titled ‘A date with Asmau’

The theme of the event which is “Islam and entertainment in today’s generation” will provide a lot of insight into the position of Islam and contemporary entertainment.

The round table series will have great Islamic scholars as guest speakers: Ustadh Muhammad Abubakar the founder of 1 ummah convention, Sheikh Abdulfattah Adeyemi a marriage councillor, Hon. Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, Surveyor Hassan Elias Fnis, Brother Mufutau Adebowale and Sis. Fatimah Habeeb Adeyemi.

The event will feature activities like Quran Competition, Nasheed, Business Empowerment Session and also an opportunity for guests to Network

The round table panellists are Sherif Bakare, Ibraheem Mohammed, Muhammad Muttin, Ramzan, Safee Peter, Mutiat Olagoke, Rahmah Zakareeyah and Aishah Adams.

A special feature at this event is the premiere of “A date with Asmau”, a dawah movie written by Kabirah Kafidipe. Featuring Ibrahim Chatta, Afeez Oyetoro, Kabirah Kafidipe and many more.

The movie, according to Kafidipe, “will trigger a lot of emotions, create a better understanding of Islam on some issues especially marriage, polygamy, family among others and put these in the right context as against the stereotype understanding people peddle in the society which in most cases have no basis in Islam.”

She further stated that “A Date With Asmau” promises to be entertaining to viewers as well.

Round table series is proudly supported by Lotus Capital ltd, Invigorate visuals, touche royal, the essence, Haltv, Siddiqah foundation, classic meals and others.


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