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How You Can Print Your National ID Card Through Google PlayStore Within 10 Minutes

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By Moyosore Michael


Still waiting to get your National ID card? You might just forget about going to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) offices for unnecessary queues.


This is because the Federal Government said it has dumped the use of the plastic cards printed by the NIMC in preference for what it called ‘digital identification of Nigerians in line with global practices.’


According to the FG, with this development, the registration number issued by NIMC to a registrant, and not the plastic card, will be the recognisable means of identifying any Nigerian captured in the data base.


The Daily Bells recalls that NIMC had in October last year via its Twitter handle @nimc_ng, stated that Nigerians who lost their ID cards would pay N5,000 to replace them, while those whose cards expired would pay N3,000 for renewal.


The agency had further tweeted that the requirements for renewal included a written application with attached proof of payment receipt made through remita, bank teller, NIN slip and submit it at their office.


Minister of Interior, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, while briefing State House Correspondents, said the review was part of Citizen Data Management and Harmonisation programme of the government to bring the country’s identity management in line with modern standards.


“The card is just for convenience, the real thing is the number you have; with that number you are on the data bank, everything about you is there.


“We are just upgrading it such that your DNA too will be there very soon. Even if you are in a car, I will know if you are the one in the car with your DNA, it’s already captured. You are already captured, you cannot run away anymore,” he said.


Also shedding more light on the new digital identification, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy of Nigeria, Isa Patami, hinted;


“What the chairman (Aregbesola) is saying now is that we are no more talking about cards, the world has gone digital, so that card is no more.


“Our priority now is digital ID, it will be attached to your database wherever you are. So, if you can memorise it by heart, wherever you go that central database domiciled with NIMC will be able to provide the number and every of your data will be provided.


“Now, our focus is no longer on producing cards, that card is only for record,but what is important is that the digital ID and if you notice we have started using the digital ID on international passport. Once you have the digital ID, but not the card, we are 100 per cent done with you,” he said.


Aliyu Aziz, Director-General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), said Nigeria has adopted the global trend which would in turn save the nation scare forex spent in producing the cards.


“With your national ID you are already identified, in the US it is called social security number, the same with UK and India, they can control more than 1.3 billion people in about seven minutes. So we have found that this card is strenuous, it is forex that is going out of the country and we are in 21st century and that is why we are focusing on national identification number and other identifications by other agencies have been linked to NIMC.”


Now, with the reality of digital form of identification, a mobile app has been uploaded in Play Store for you to download your ID within 10 minutes.


With the App for the mobile ID now hosted in Google PlayStore and Apple Store, depending on the strength of your internet access and your device, a mobile National ID is ready to use for all your business transactions.


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The Nigerian Communications Commission has already approved the use of three mobile devices per persons for the download of the app, meaning if you carry with you three devices, you can securely download the app in all three devices for the mobile National ID.


The innovation has put an end to the endless waiting for the card, and save the nation huge sums of money needed to produce the card for over 200 million Nigerians.


So the fear even misplacing the card does not arise and even if you lost all phones you can easily replace get another Digital National ID.


For security, no need to fear. It is encrypted and it has a secured PIN and with your NIN well secured.


Once the app is downloaded, go to the dashboard input your NIN and your preferred phone number.


What you see next is your mobile National ID, there is option of hiding whatever information that you desire to hide from the scrutinizing eyes of security personal.


The identity of your driver, maid and staff can also be verified from the dashboard, and no one can verify you without your approval or consent.


Soon you can become a sole issuer of a verified NIN, and the beauty of it is that the NIN cannot be cloned.


This innovation has made it possible for you to use your user ID which is on the top of the dashboard to enter any government website to obtain social services using a one stop OTP that last for 60 seconds.


The innovation has also made it possible to synchronise your NIN with your BVN, TIN, driver’s license number and international passport number in a secured wallet tied to your NIN which is only known to you.




1. Visit the Google play store and install the mobile app using the link below.



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2. Fill in your correct details, double check, and hit the next button on the far right.


3. Read the attestation and hit “I Agree” if you’ll like to continue the process.


4. Input your desired pin number twice and click the save button.


Congrats, you’re finally in and you can see your information from this page and also download your National ID card.


The card will display all your information including the expiring date for the card.



Download the ios (iPhone) version of the app here 👇🏾


That’s the simple way to download the national identification card.


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