Paternity Saga: Tope Alabi Lied, Whoever She Likes, She Should Call Her Daughter’s Father – Baby Daddy Family

The family of Mr. Adeoye Mayegun, the supposed biological father of popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi’s daughter; Ayomikun, has been reacting to the recent paternity scandal involving her (Ayomikun) and her father.


The lady at the centre of the saga, Ayomikun had recently claimed Mr. Adeoye abandoned her for 22 years, hence, her resolve to recognise her stepfather, Mr. Soji Alabi as her father.


But speaking on the controversy, a member of the Adeoye’s family,  Victor Oyegoke, who said he was living with the duo when Ayomikun was born, has shed more light on what transpired between Tope Alabi and his brother, Adeoye.


Oyegoke spoke in an interview with FLIP TV.




Read his comments below:


“I am the brother to the Father and we can’t just be responding to all this matter because it might blow out of proportion that will now be as if we want to run Tope Alabi musical career down.


But with this advise she gave to Ayo to blow it on the media more without asking about how the blogger got the story might open past healed wounds for both parents who have moved on in life !


The fact is that a serious allegations of Ayomikun being a bastard came up and my brother had to state the facts that he is the father and can’t deny the fact that she gave birth to her.


If a blogger now wants to make story to trend with it, is it in any way my brothers fault ?


I lived in same room with Tope and my brother at Oguntolu in Onipanu those years, I can give you first hand information about how they met and how Tope took charge of him and they both begin to live as husband and wife.


My brother took good care of Tope throughout the pregnancy till she gave birth to the baby, He threw Owambe party with musicians on the bandstand majority of the ‘who is who’ of those days in the Yoruba Movie Producers and Marketers at Idumota were all in attendance.


Go ask any of them who didn’t know the story of Olaoye and Tope.


Do you know what Soji Alabi was to Tope when she was still married to my brother? Do you know how many times I came back from school to Lagos and met Soji in my brothers house with Tope alone ? And all I could get when I told my brother was a beating of my life for saying rubbish of her wife and he was defending her that Soji was just her sound engineer and producer ….


Hmmmmm!!!! until she moved out with the baby just barely a year old and within the next year got married to Soji Alabi, that’s when the reality dawn on my brother, do you know she left my brother bankrupt when she left with a Movie and Music album my brother sponsored.


Let me tell you this and I challenge Tope Alabi to come out to dispute it and I will be willing to call both to face each other and open all past wounds. The child was born in 1998 and Tope left my brother 1999, She took the baby to her parents’ place at Mafolukun in Oshodi, Lagos where they lived.


I can’t remember how many times I had to go visit the baby when she was in nursery school even my kid brother, Femi that was staying with my brother too do go there to visit the child with Xmas dress, gifts and necessary items to the Tope’s mother who was taking good care of the baby then.


I could remember on one occasion of my visit that Tope’s mother had to show me Ayomikun’s results saying how she was brilliant and performing well in class.


More so, Tope used to come to Idumota to get money for the child’s upkeep from my brother until her second or is it the third album “Oree ti o Common” become a hit and she become made after fortune smiled on her.


Since her life changed, money and fame started coming, she took the child away from her mother to her husband house and that was when we stopped going to see the baby.


My brother do call once a while to ask to see the child, she would say she is busy and not always around in the country, she kept posting us she would bring the baby but never did.


My brother is married too and has kids and had moved on too, I don’t think any right thinking person would advise anyone to be going to their married ex’s house all in the name of wanting to come look after a child.


Fast forward to 2018 when the child clocks age 20th and Tope granted an interview with Punch newspaper where Tope Alabi said she was a virgin till he married Soji Alabi, that was when issues started and the paternity matter arose as we were told that Ayomikun was said to be Soji Alabi biological daughter and those that know the story began to say she is a bastard but my brother had to do a post to clear the air then on his Instagram page on the 20th Birthday of Ayomikun, he tagged her and tagged Tope Alabi too in order to make it clearer.


He is not asking to father the child now neither is he clamouring to come seat down at her wedding as it is being said in some blogs and comments.


After the 20th birthday, part of the moves my brother took to clarify the issue was inviting Tope Alabi to ask why she had to change the Childs name, is it to cover up her past or what? The meeting was organised by some major Yoruba Films Producers and Marketers in person of Alh. Wasiu of Wastayo Films and Alhaji Ishola Saheed of Isolak Films at the Arena, Oshodi, I was also in attendance and I recorded all the discussions we had that day even Tope Alabi herself said that we can record her words, She said one thing she knew clearly was that Olaoye didn’t treat her badly nor wish her bad hence she didn’t tell Ayomikun any bad of him that if any thing, she (Tope Alabi) was the one who offended Olaoye and she would gladly apologise to him.


She said the reason she had to change the name of the child was because most times then, she do travel abroad for her music ministrations and she always had the issue of going to get the fathers consent for her baby and to make things easier for her she had to change the name to Alabi for visas and traveling with her, not that she deny her to know the story of her real father.


Right there that day, she gave him the number of the child and I my brother spoke with her for some times after then but they both didn’t get along.


We cautioned our brother to thread gently from getting close with her now as people might say he was trying to dig the past of his ex, it baffles us seeing comments from those who do not even know the real issues.


We never intend to run anyone down, we all have our past and we believed the past should be a past no one is trying to claim any child or whatever. What my brother did to inform the blogger was to clarify issues as regards her paternity that she is called a bastard bearing another persons name and denying her of her real father.


We have cleared the main issue of the paternity and whoever she likes she should call her father, no one will be hurt by that, we know whose gene is in her.


The lineage she belongs to is from Owo, Ondo State as Soji Alabi is a Kogi man and knows for sure the child he nurtured is ‘funto’ which nothing bad must happened to.


That is a fact that can never be altered. Time will tell for us all.”


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