Omo VI Ke? Insult! Ngige Must Apologise

From the time immemorial, Omo Mushin, Omo Igbore, Omo Bere, Omo Lagere are known to have more street ruggedity value than Omo VI. Omo Ibara, Omo Bodija, Omo Enuowa, in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan and Ife respectively.

So, where did Okija Shrine Alumnus, Ngige, get his statistics from to have placed Omo VI (awon Omo Butter, Omo Mumsy) above Omo Mushin? Even equating awon Omo “Beware of Dogs” with Omo Mushin Ajina where night comes not, this is an insult! Absolute slur, slight and abuse!!

We that grew up in Surulere -Shita-Oju Elegba axis of Lagos always bowed for Mushin boys when it comes to street credibility and bravado. I remember that in those days and in those upper middle class areas, like Surulere and VI, anyone called Omo Mushin would create some fear and mixed respect in us. Not even Oshodi can tackle Mushin, anyway, they are identical twins. Mushin is Taiwo and Oshodi as Kehinde.

Ikeja boys ke? Those ones were small boys then. They would be looking like strangers and broilers that just escaped from the poultry anytime they strayed to Mushin – Ojuelegba axis. It was Baba 70, Abami Eda, that liberated Ikeja guys and gave them some clout when Fela relocated from Idi Oro after his Kalakuta Republic was burnt by Obasanjo. “Yes, na Obasanjo burn am” Many Ikeja guys didn’t know how to smoke Igbo then, na Fela teach them. Even without Igbo, dem no dey there….

When those Omo mummies from VI, Obalende, Yaba, Ikeja, Agege come shrine in those days, you go easily know them by the way they go start coughing like covid-19 patients after sniffing airfull of Igbo shrine. Only Mushin, Oshodi, Ojuelegba boys fit smoke Igbo, eat am and drink am sef well well without shaking. Anytime Mushin guys invaded Surulere at night to chop Amala Shitta, you would know by the way they picked orisirisi meat and digest the food with Igbo openly while Omo Surulere would go smoke for one corner and even eat Tom Tom sweet + Trebor after to cover am from Mummy and Daddy, spray perfume sef. Mushin boys no dey do that small boys thing.

Mushin was an area that guys would wake up with no money but will eat & drink, even enjoy with babes before sunset. Guys would fight, break bottle now the next minute they are together drinking and dancing to Ayinla Omowura music. They even dictated the fashin pace. That’s one of the beauties of Mushin then mostly populated by the Egba people of Abeokuta and the Aworis and little mix of the rest.

The first time I got to Mushin I was shocked to see schools, churches and mosques because with the dreadful tales of Mushin I used to hear. But mark you, many of them were well educated, good entrepreneurs but streetwise always. They became globally revant despite.

The land of Omo Pupa ni Mushin, Mighty Joe, BJ, Olukoso. (the road masters) can never be compared with VI (the land of omo mummy, adiye agric) wey no sabi break bottle and rock the streets roughly if need be. I was told that Ogun Ajobo festival in Mushin with Omowura always on stage was the best and most peaceful in those days as everyone made their way to Mushin to celebrate just like Eyo of Iga Idunganran, nobody dared come from outside to forment trouble there.

Yes, Mushin has grown old and with old age many tough things are dropped for the younger ones to pick. That’s the reason we have Agege, Obalende, Bariga, Somolu, Ipodo-Ikeja, Iyana Ipaja, Agbotikuyo, Ajegunle and other Mushin’s junior / trainees coming on stage now with their own bravado. But they always still bow for their father and street master.

Ngige has committed historicide by comparing Mushin with VI of yore or now.. VI ke?


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