Heal The World Movement Partners Lions’Club, Showers Milk of Human kindness on Orphanages, Aged and Homeless Kids


As part of activities marking its annual convention, Heal The World Movement, a Christian charity organisation  with headquarters in Sango-Ota and branches within the country and globally, has partnered with the Lions Club, Ikeja Crystal to put smiles on the faces of children in orphanage homes, less privileged as well as the aged.  


Led by its founder, Apostle Tola Olukilede, the movement, on Monday, gave out various food items which include bags of rice, beans, garri, packs of noodles, toiletries, clothing and others to some of children whose school fees are being paid by the inter- denominational ministry.


The programme known as Home Day which started in 2003 is an occasion set aside to specially host the orphanage homes that the movement is partnering with.


About 10 orphanage homes with children whose school fees are being catered for by the Heal The World Movement and Tola Olukilede Ministry International were fully represented at the event with some of the children in attendance.


Also, about 500 homeless children in the neighborhood were also given free cooked jollof rice during its road tour.


Speaking with our correspondent on the gesture, the President/Coordinating Pastor, Heal The World Movement and Tola Olukilede International Ministry, Dr. Tola Olukilede said; “We are delighted that every time that we are having our convention, we always invite them to interact with them (children), to give them extra things they would need such as food, toiletries, clothing and other things that could last them for about six months.


“We always tag today as Home Day, that is the day we interact with the homes. We also invite the Homes for the Aged people. We give them foods, materials and other things. While most of them are over 70, the young ones that can still move around always attend this meeting and the convention.


According to Olukilede, this year’s event was special because it is the first time that the Lions Club would be partnering with the movement.


Heal The World Movement Partners Lions’Club, Showers Milk of Human kindness on Orphanages, Aged and Homeless Kids

“This is first time we are partnering with them for this occasion. I am a member of the club. I joined them recently. And since it’s my club, they decided to partner the Heal The World. They here led by the president and Zonal Chairperson with clothing and some other materials to give out to the children and the less privileged in the society.


Speaking further, he noted that the Lions Club decided to partner with the movement because being a member, they discovered that he’s also into the same thing that the club does; that is humanitarian services.


“Mostly everything that I do is what they do, and when they found out, they found it very comfortable and very happy that one of their members is already there.”


 On the criteria used in selecting the orphanage homes to support, Olukilede noted; “When we started, some of the yardsticks we used include looking at those of them registered with the government, those of them who are not fake, because there are many fake orphanage homes in town, they don’t have children, but they call them orphanage homes and they go about to rent children. When they know that we are coming, they will go and rent children and give us their names. In those days, we used to pay the money for the scholarships to the homes, but when we discovered that most of the homes are fake, they’re not even registered with the government, we decided to limit ourselves to those that we could vouch for. We have dropped some homes because along the way, they started doing something terrible, as we found out that they are liars. So for us in this movement, we are dealing with people whom we can trust.


On amounts expended so far, Olukilede said; “So far, I can tell you that we have spent several millions of naira over the years. This year alone, we have spent over N600,000 buying food such as rice, beans, garri, noddles and others.


“As a result of the economic downturn, everybody is managing now in Nigeria. This has even led to our losing many partners who can no longer cope, but we have made it covenant  compulsory for ourselves that even if it’s not convenient, we have to contribute. For instance, this year, apart from the Lions Club contribution, we have expended more than N600,000. Every year we spend over a million naira on food, but this year, because of the situation in the country, we had to limit to N600,000.


Progresses achieved by the movement so far



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Olukilede who hails from Ilaramoki, Ifedore local government,  Ondo State submitted; “Our progresses are inspired by the number of children that are passing out of schools as well as those in the universities. For the fact that we can pay their school fees is enough progress because they are not being sent out of schools. We are able to pay their fees, buy books for them, pay for their WAEC and so many other things. We are making progress and we are also happy that the children are making progress. The homes are also making progress. When we look at the number of children who have benefited from our scholarship over the years, they are more than 5,000. When we pick up a child and we start paying his or her school fees, we don’t leave such until he passes out of the university. We don’t do a yearly scholarship, we do what we call school life scholarship. As long as you remain in school, we keep on paying your school fees.


Motivation behind the Movement

Heal The World Movement as the name implies is to heal the world. What are the problems of the world? What are the sicknesses facing the world? Number is poverty. Lack of growth and so on. Imagine someone whose father is earning salary, he’s just barely trying to send his children to school, but the man died. The wife is not also doing anything, what  do you think would happen to those children? Those children would become destitute. They would be in the streets and become potential robbers because they are filled with bitterness. So the first thing we do is to remove the bitterness. We show them  that somebody cares. Our motivation is from God because God wants to bring happiness to everybody except if  you choose that you don’t want to be happy. So we are motivated by the word of God and we are also motivated that we should be solution providers, not just leaving everything to the government to do. So when we have the capacity, we should be able to do it. More so, the bible has commanded us in the book of 1 Timothy, Chapter 6, verse 17 to 19 that when you have something, give it out. Give it to people that have none. Hence, we mostly motivated by the word of God who mandated man to be a giver, because God himself is a giver. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. So we are motivated by the word of God and that word of God is love. That is why our ministry is called non-denominational Christian Love Movement. If you don’t love, you cannot give, especially when you don’t know them. If you cannot love, you cannot give. So it is love that motivates us.

Heal The World Movement Partners Lions’Club, Showers Milk of Human kindness on Orphanages, Aged and Homeless Kids

“We are not looking at religion. We have lots of Muslims benefiting from our scholarships. God gives sun and rain to everybody. He doesn’t segregate, he doesn’t discriminate. He doesn’t look at whom you are either you are a sinner or not. So when people are coming here, we don’t look at whether they are sinners or saints. All we care for are your needs and that’s what we have been doing.  


“That is what we called covenant practice. Covenant practice is not if you to church. Covenant practice is what is your disposition towards your neighbour? Do you love your neighbour? Do you love God? If you say you love God, then do you love your neighbour? If you cannot love your neighbour, then, there’s no proof that you love God. So those are our messages. Hence, the proof of loving our neighbours is what you are seeing today.


“Aside from the orphanage homes, we also cater for millions of people in the public. But the criteria we gave to them is that you must come to our ministry, you must be part of our ministry. Otherwise, we would be giving money to people who are fake. So when you join us, we can then investigate you. We have had an occasion that a woman came here, told us that her husband was dead, she even presented a death certificate, but we later found out that her husband is still alive. The husband told us he’s not dead.


Aside reaching out to the people of the ministry’s immediate environment, Olukilede said people from all over the walks of life also benefit from the ministry’s large heart.


He noted; “Presently, we have people from Ikorodu, Badagry, Agege, Ajegunle who also come to us. We have from Akure, Oyo, all over Nigeria that we cater for. If they cannot come here, all we need to do is to investigate. Our members are all over the country apart from the northern region.


On sponsors

“I can say I have no sponsors except God. Nobody sponsors me to do what I am doing. I am a businessman. I have a printing press, I have Rock Foundation and other businesses. As a matter of fact, all the businesses I am doing is to be able to have funds. I will not beg anybody. I have told God, the day you stop blessing me, that’s day I will stop everything. Apart from members who understand giving. We teach everyday on radio (Jordan FM, Lagos). People have stated accepting giving as a way of life and that’s what we call covenant practice. When you are a giver, you are practicing the covenant. That’s the purpose God created man. We have the money, we are not carrying it to heaven. So gave us money for us to be able to give for His kingdom and to other people. So apart from few partners who am going to give awards to on Saturday, only God is my supporter.”


Also speaking at the event, the Zone Chairperson, Ikeja Crystal Lions Club, Lion Katrin Obalim said the Club decided to partner the Heal The World Movement as it in line with its objectives of rendering humanitarian services to the society.


She said; “Lions Club is about humanitarian services. We like to help the people, the needy and the less privileged in the society. As our member, when Lion Apostle Tola Olukilede mentioned about this programme, we were moved to support him financially and morally. He is doing what is expected of him, so we glad to be part of his ministry activities.

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