[PHOTOS] Church Member Cries Out As Pastor Adeeyo Who Has 4 Grown up Children Snatched His Wife And Married Her As Second Wife

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Pastor Moses Adeeyo of the Word Bank Assembly Int’l, Eneka, Obio/Akpor LGA of Rivers State, has been accused by his male church member, Mr Bright Ben, of snatching his wife of 12 years, Mrs Tina Bright now Tina Adeeyo and wedding her in his church after saying that the Holy Spirit told him the married woman was his real wife.


Despite that the pastor has not divorced his wife who has four grown up children (2 males and 2 females) for him of which all are married apart from the last born who is in a serious relationship.

[PHOTOS] Church Member Cries Out As Pastor Adeeyo Who Has 4 Grown up Children Snatched His Wife And Married Her As Second Wife

The heartbroken man identified simply as Mr. Ben Bright on Facebook, took to his social media to pen down this message as follows, saying it’s his true life story:


“ADULTERY… As shameful as it sounds, it is a true life story. MY PASTOR MARRIED MY WIFE. I’ve been married to Mrs Tina Bright for over 12years with 2kids,a girl and a boy. I married her traditionally and white wedding and took her to introduce to my Pastor Moses Adeeyo. The General Overseer of World Bank Assembly in Eneka , obio/akpor LGA Rivers State.

[PHOTOS] Church Member Cries Out As Pastor Adeeyo Who Has 4 Grown up Children Snatched His Wife And Married Her As Second Wife

“We started attending the church and became full financial members. My wife was given an immediate appointment as the assistant choir mistress. 7 months ago, she moved out of the house with our 2kids before I got back from work. I searched everywhere and called everyone even the G.O. unknown to me that he was the architect of my problems.



“After sometime he stopped picking my calls and blocked my phone line. I’ve been looking for her until I saw this pictures yesterday online. He claimed that the Holy Spirit told him that she is his wife. Is the Holy Spirit and author of confusion.? My wife of 12yrs is now his. Pls Couples be careful in world Bank Assembly be careful of Pst MOSES ADEEYO” he concluded.


Meanwhile, reacting to the development, Tina, who also took to social media, said she left her husband over alleged assault and maltreatment.


She said, “Bright wants to make me a bad woman on social media. When we were together, he made me incur a lot of debts that I am still paying. He accuses me of infidelity and even disallowed me from pursuing my music career. He once told me that there is no marriage between us and that I am just here to take care of his children. He promised to make my life miserable, including putting acid in my cream. Now, he’s coming on social media to destroy another man’s name. It is my time to shine.



“He is lying that he doesn’t know my whereabouts. I left his house after he locked me inside the house and kept the keys in his pocket. It was then I packed my things and told him it was over. He even told me to leave and that I was only useful for the children. My children got the spare keys, gave them to me and told me to escape at night. On the morning of November 28, 2020, I came to the house with a taxi, packed my load and took my children away. I put my children at my mother’s place and went to Lagos to start my life afresh.


“I was never residing with the pastor. He lived on the church premises and I lived in Lagos. Ben kept calling me while I was in Lagos before I blocked his number. He threatened me not to ever marry another person.”


Tina’s mother, Christiana Everest, said Bright did not pay her daughter’s bride price.


“When Bright came to my house to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, I saw him as a son and asked if he was a Christian. I took him to the village according to the tradition. He gave everyone their rights both men and women except the bride’s parents. When they told him to come and see us he said he’ll see us later,” she stated.


Bright, in a video clip, denied assaulting his wife.


He also refuted accusations by her mother that he did not pay her bride price, saying he did during their traditional wedding.


He insisted that he had not been divorced from his wife and wondered why if she wanted to re-marry, it would be to the cleric, whom he always shared his marital problems with.


The alleged adultery issue takes a new turn as the son of the Pastor Adeeyo, who is also a pastor has come out to say that his father did not divorce his wife (his mother) before marrying his member’s wife as a second wife while his mother is still the first wife.

[PHOTOS] Church Member Cries Out As Pastor Adeeyo Who Has 4 Grown up Children Snatched His Wife And Married Her As Second Wife


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He said he was as shocked as everyone when pictures of the wedding surfaced on the Internet.


His son declares, “Media pls take note: My mother Mercy Adeeyo has not yet been divorce to her husband my father pastor Moses Adeeyo, no settlement made yet, the matter is still in court. Tina Adeeyo is  now the second wife while my mother is the first wife.”


“My mum was in Abuja when she saw the wedding pictures. Someone called my attention to the pictures when we closed from church on Sunday. My father didn’t inform any family members of the wedding. My dad is telling the world that he has divorced her and that is a lie,” he added.


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