Oct 1: PDP Urges Nigerians to Keep Hope Alive, Tasks Buhari to Rejig Cabinet, Security Hierarchy


As the nation celebrates its 60th independence anniversary today, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has felicitated with Nigerians.


The party, in a statement issued by Kola Ologbondiyan, PDP National Publicity Secretary, however expressed sadness that Nigerians are celebrating on a despairing mood due to the social, economic and security challenges that have confronted our nation in the last five years but urged the citizens to keep hope alive and continue to work for unity, stability and progress of our nation.


The party described as depressing that while our nation had attained lofty heights in all spheres of life since independence; such national attainments in economy, commerce, industry, education, healthcare, human capital and infrastructural developments, living standards, democratic reforms and national cohesion have been eroded by the misrule of the last five years.


According to the PDP, “It is indeed disheartening that whereas October 1 date signposts the sacrifices of our heroes past in the quest for national freedom as well as our collective determination to live harmoniously, engender good governance and succeed as one people under a democratic rule, such pursuits have been undermined by five years of a divisive, repressive, retrogressive, corrupt and incompetent administration.


Speaking further, the party said, “It is equally lamentable that under five years, the gains achieved as well as our pride as an independent nation, have all been reversed by thoughtless policies including the mortgaging of our nation’s sovereignty to foreign interests through loans and utter neglect of our productive sector, leading to the wrecking of our once robust economy and turning of our nation into the poverty capital of the world; a situation that has reduced our once happy citizenry to a life of despondency and misery.


“Corruption and impunity in high places, promotion of mediocrity, nepotism, executive high-handedness, abuse of human rights, electoral manipulations, disobedience to court orders, security compromises, constitutional violations, disdain for separation of powers, disregard for our federal character principle, suppression of free speech, media clampdown, derision for the sensibilities of citizens, who are also tagged as criminals and lazy in the international community now threaten our cohesion and essence as an independent and democratic nation under the current administration.


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“Moreover, escalated insecurity, insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping and banditry have continued to ravage various parts of our country to the extent that citizens have lost hope in the government and now resort to regional and states security arrangements due to the incompetence of the present administration.


The PDP therefore calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to save the nation from collapse by using the occasion of this 60th independence anniversary to reposition his government, and urgently address the economic and security challenges that have escalated under his watch.


“Mr. President should immediately rejig our security apparatchik as well as his cabinet to inject new blood to effectively manage the affairs of our nation.


“Despite the challenges, our party intensely believes in an indivisible, virile, cohesive and prosperous Nigeria, governed by the rule of law and fear of God,” PDP said.


The PDP therefore urged Nigerians not to lose hope in our nation due to the misrule of the last five years but to remain patriotic and resilient in their various fields of endeavors in serving our national interest despite the odds.



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