“Cover Your Legs!” Fans Blast Yvonne Jegede Over Dress Choice and Sitting Position!


Actress Yvonne Jegede has come under heavy criticism from her fans after she stepped out looking hot for an event last night.

The mother of one and ex-wife of Abounce Fawole was garbed in a jacket that left her thighs bare, while on a closer look, she had a short beneath, her fans still believe it was a wrong choice of outfit.

Needless to say, they visited her comments with the anger they felt especially after she shared more photos online.

According to her fans, the outfit was bad and the pose was worse.

While some told her to close her legs, others told her to open it wider and others just plainly told her that her look was not worthy of her status.

Yvonne Jegede married her long time sweetheart in a very beautiful ceremony over two years ago but sadly the marriage is over.

She is blessed with a cute baby boy.

Check out the outfit and comments by her fans!

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